Probability & Statistics

The purpose of this course is to provide engineering students with an introduction to statistical methods and concepts that they may apply in their engineering careers.


Module 1: Introduction to Statistics
Module 2: Sets and Counting
Module 3: Introduction to Probability
Module 4: Independence and Bayes’ Theorem
Module 5: Intro to Probability Distributions
Module 6: Poisson and Other Distributions


Introduction to Statistics
Intro to Statistics
Statistical Thinking

Sets and Counting
Sets and Counting
Counting and Sampling

Introduction to Probability
Intro to Probability
Probability and Sampling

Independence and Bayes’ Theorem
Independence and Bayes’ Theorem
Approaching Bayes’ Theorem

Intro to Probability Distributions
Intro to Probability Distributions
Some Discrete Distributions

Poisson and Other Distributions
More Discrete Distributions
Continuous Probability Distributions