Math for Fluid Mechanics

This course is aimed at engineering students who are about to take Fluid Mechanics but need a review of prerequisite math concepts. The course is planned to cover material from Calculus and Differential Equations. The proposed modules for the course are:

  • Module 1: Derivatives
  • Module 2: Integrals
  • Module 3: Vector Calculus
  • Module 4: Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Module 5: Partial Differential Equations

This course is being developed with the support of the BOLD Graduate Fellowship awarded by the Center for Teaching and Learning at Georgia Institute of Technology; and the Affordable Materials Grant Round 19 awarded by Affordable Learning Georgia, an initiative of the University System of Georgia.

As of May 2021, materials for Modules 2-5 have not yet been completed. It is estimated that a first version of these modules will be made available by the end July 2021, with the full course being released in May 2022.

Module 1: Derivatives

Module Notes

Click here to download the notes (PDF)

Introduction: Terminology & Notation

Derivatives of Basic Functions

Rules of Derivation

Partial Derivatives

Application: Acceleration & the Material Derivative